How to Reset Javascript?

In this article, we will explain how to do that and answer some common questions about javascript resetting. We’ll also provide a few tips on how to prevent these types of problems from occurring in the future.

JavaScript reset

In HTML, the reset button may be used to reset a form. We’re going to look at how to reset a form with JavaScript in this post.

The HTML reset button does the same thing in JavaScript as the reset() method. It’s used to clear all of the form elements’ values. It may be used to set all of the parameters to their defaults. There are no required parameter values, and there is no return value.

It’s used to reset all of the form elements on a page to their initial values. This method may be called without any arguments, or it may take an optional argument that specifies the type of reset to perform. If this argument isn’t specified, then the reset() method will clear all of the element’s values.

The following example resets all of the form fields on a page:


Or you can use it with an arg like so:

formdataObj.reset( "input" ); //resets input type fields only

This would work great if you’re trying to reload some data onto a form for editing.


<!DOCTYPE html>   
<title> reset() method </title>  
<body style = "text-align: center;">  
<div style = "background: pink;">  
  <font color = "red" size = "6px">  
    <b> Example of the reset() method </b>  
    <div style = "background: lightblue;">  
    <form id = "myForm" action = "#" style = "font-size: 20px;" >  
    <p> First Name: <input type = "text" id = "fname" /></p>  
    <p> Last Name: <input type = "text" id = "lname" /></p>  
    <p> E-mail Id:   <input type = "email" id = "email" /></p>  
    <p> Age:         <input type = "number" id = "age" /></p>  
    <input type = "submit">  
    <input type = "button" value = "Reset data" onClick = "fun()"/>  
 function fun(){  

Common Questions about Resetting JavaScript

Q: What browsers support the reset() method?

A: The reset() method is supported by all major browsers.

Q: Can I use the reset() method to clear the value of a text field?

A: No, the reset() method only clears the values of form fields. It doesn’t work on text fields.

Q: Is it possible to perform more than one type of reset with the reset() method?

A: Yes, it’s possible to specify more than one type of reset using the optional argument. If you don’t include this argument, then it will just clear all of the element’s values. The following example resets input type fields and textarea elements:

formdataObj.reset( "input, textarea" );

Q: What’s the difference between the reset() method and the clear() method?

A: The reset() method clears all of the form fields on a page to their initial values. The clear() method removes all of the data from a form.

Tips for Preventing Problems with JavaScript Resets

Here are a few tips that will help you avoid problems with JavaScript resets:

  • Be sure to test your forms thoroughly before publishing them. This will help you catch any errors that may occur.
  • Use browser-based development tools to debug your code. These tools can be very helpful in and fixing errors in your code.
  • Make sure that you’re using the latest version of JavaScript. This will help ensure that you have access to the latest features and bug fixes.
  • Be aware of potential cross-browser compatibility issues. Test your code in multiple browsers to make sure it works correctly in all of them.

We hope this article has been helpful in explaining how to reset a form with JavaScript. Thanks for reading!

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